PA6 and PA66

PA (Polyamide) also known by the name of Nylon, is a semi-crystalline polymer belonging to the polyamide family. Like all semi-crystalline polymers, it has high chemical resistance (resistance to contact with chemical compounds). Polyamides are chemically characterised by a macromolecular structure that contains the (-NH-CO-) amide group, which is formed by reacting a carboxyl group with an amino group. The abbreviation PA followed by a number PAn  PA6 – PA66 – PA12) indicates the number of carbon atoms of the acid. If there are two numbers, the first represents the number of carbon atoms of the amine, while the second number represents the carbon atoms of the carboxylic acid.

The long-chain polyamides (PA11, PA12, PA6.10, PA6.12, PA10.10, PA10.12) differ from the classic PA6 and 6.6 mainly for their mechanical characteristics as they are more tough (high impact resistance without the use of elastomers), have lower specific weight and very low moisture absorption (in some formulations the absorption value is comparable to amorphous polymers). The latest generation formulations of PA6 and PA6.6 have very high performance, similar to metal. 

Polyamides are the most commonly used thermoplastics for mechanical applications.

Among the advantages are:

  • Excellent mechanical characteristics which remain constant even at high temperatures.
  • Resistant to many chemicals, including common oils, greases and solvents.

Low coefficient of friction, and good anti-vibration properties, and they also have good abrasion resistance.

Thanks to their thermoplastic properties, they find applications in numerous fields, including:

  • Surgical
  • Textile
  • Automotive
  • Safety devices
  • Etc...

In our product catalogue you will find:

SinMIDE – PA deriving from regenerated or first choice materials, which can be customised

GreenMIDE – PA deriving from certified regenerated materials available in the following versions, which are all customisable

  • PSV - Plastica Seconda Vita (“Second Life Plastic”) Industrial Waste (60/70/90% recycled plastic)
  • PSV - Plastica Seconda Vita (“Second Life Plastic”) MIXECO (recycled plastic from industrial waste between 30% and 59%)
  • GRS (Global Recycle Standard) 100 (100% recycled plastic)
  • GRS (Global Recycle Standard) (recycled plastic from 1% to 99%)

Grinded PA compliant with Italian UNI 10667 MPS – Materia Prima Secondaria (“Secondary Raw Material”) Standards

Tailor-made first-choice PA compound

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